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“The effect is one of rich historical layering, with sensitive hanging and placement decisions inviting unusual comparisons between different forms and eras. The bunker setting offers the perfect foil for the exhibits. Renovation by British architect John Pawson, known for his minimalist interventions, has cleaned up but not fundamentally altered the interior concrete walls of the bunker – artfully placed stalactites, water-stains, graffiti and holes remain. Pristine white walls have been sparingly introduced on the ground floor, with mirrored walls on the lower ground floor. The monumentality and historical markings of the space live on, but the atmosphere is changed, by the lightest of touches, from one of wartime paranoia to one of peaceful contemplation.“
– Apollo Magazine, 28 April 2016

“The chicane at the entrance that once acted as a bomb shield is now a passage leading to a unique experience. Starting from the basement, one enters the Sound Room to a background of minimalist tones and silences created by American composer John Cage. Until you enter the vast main exhibition room there is no natural light and the place is left in near darkness, forcing you to readjust all your senses to negotiate the space. Your eyes are then attracted to the ingeniously curated spotlights and centuries-old stone and wood sculptures from the Khmer Empire that seem to appear from nowhere.“
– Wallpaper Magazine, 6 May 2016

“Spaced out generously, each work sat on its own pedestal creating a feeling of totalized preciousness. Stone, bronze, and wood Khmer sculptures from the 7th to 13th centuries came to life as their carefully carved figures were amplified by the imposing shadows they cast across the bare floor. Looking up at the lights, one could make out small stalagmites dripping down — a reminder of the space’s underground location.“
– Blouin Artinfo, 20 May 2016

“Höchst unterschiedliche Kunstwelten begegnen und ergänzen sich in wunderbarer Weise: an einer Wand ein Spiegelobjekt von Anish Kapoor, dann wieder kleinformatige Fotos von Nobuyoshi Araki. Eine bizarre Skulptur von Zeng Fanzhi schafft einen Kontrast zu den strengen Khmer-Figurinen, zwei goldene Bananen von James Lee Byars wiederum führen einen harmonischen Dialog mit einem Steinbett aus dem kaiserlichen Palast.”
– Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 13 June 2016

“Invece che sui gesti grandiosi, l’accento del lavoro è caduto sulla raffinata calibratura delle soglie chiave, sulla narrazione spaziale dei percorsi di attraversamento e separazione, sulla qualità della luce e su particolari incontri sensoriali sommessamente sottolineati: nella Lake Room invasa dall’acqua e nello spazio chiuso dedicato al millenario rituale imperiale dell’incenso.”
– DOMUS, July – August 2016

“Una delle collezioni di arte asiatica più raffinate d’Europa. Che insieme ai capolavori dell’arte contemporanea (opere di Iglesias, di Fuss o Kapoor, per citarne alcuni) fa di questo edificio uno dei luoghi più originali e interessanti di Berlino.”
– L’Espresso, July 2016

“In una struttura militare della Seconda guerra mondiale, Désiré Feuerle ha collocato la sua raccolta di opere orientali, che vanno da antichi arredi cinesi a sculture Khmer, e di lavori contemporanei. Una raffinata contaminazione.“
– Arte – Antiquariato, October 2016

– Financial Times China, 20 May 2016

“Désiré Feuerle (…) habla de “ver y sentir” como objetivo último, y lo ha conseguido (…). La magia reside en cómo está distribuido todo esto, como se alinean en las naves cual ejército de sombras.“
– ABC Cultural, 30 April 2016